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Dollhouse CGIs – An impactful architectural visualisation technique, underrepresented in today’s property marketing world.

A dollhouse CGI does exactly what it says on the tin; imagine a dollhouse with it’s doors open, providing a 3D cross section of the front elevation of a building, giving views into each of the floors, with all windows and cladding stripped away.

The dollhouse CGI is a powerful tool. When used correctly it can both communicate the functionality of a building to potential occupiers, but also convey the desirability of the design and architecture better than any other still CGI visualisation technique.

It’s an underutilised CGI method that is often the missing piece in the marketing collateral of residential and commercial developments. There are some fantastic examples out there, which we have used as inspiration for our own projects. Below is an example by architectural visualisation industry leader Hayes Davidson, showing the varying functions of Rambert Dance Company’s building.

Hayed Davidson
Source: Hayes Davidson

Two of our own dollhouse CGIs, produced for Cole Waterhouse’s Alderbank development in Altrincham are below. This is more up-close and personal than The Rambert Dance Co example, and gives a real sense of the lifestyle on offer at this desirable residential scheme.

Dollhouse CGI
Alderbank CGI by Revere for Cole Waterhouse
New Cross Central, Ancoats by Revere for FEC

Whether it be a huge scale development, or a smaller scheme, if there are multiple different uses or units within a building, dollhouse CGIs provide an unrivalled ability to visually convey the huge amounts of thought that are put into the design of the built environment.

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