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Still Imagery

Cavendish Square, London (CGIs by Revere)

Our photo-real CGIs are the perfect showcase for new-build property. Each static or panoramic image is carefully curated by our design team. We go down to the smallest details to produce work that is fashion-conscious and tailored to the target demographic. Fully rendered from architectural plans, our award-winning visuals breathe life into design.

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Moving Stills

To take a static CGI to the next level, and really excite your customers, we will tastefully animate people, clouds and surroundings. Great for adding in a layer of immersion to websites, social media and email campaigns.

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The Forum Cybersecurity Hub, Gloucester (Reef Estates)

Animation & Film

Video content is a key way of engaging and communicating with your investors and peers during presentations and events, as well as with customers through your social media and development websites.

3D Floor Plans

Band On The Wall, Northern Quarter

Dollhouse CGIs

The dollhouse CGI is a powerful tool.

When used correctly it can both communicate the functionality of a building to potential occupants, and also convey the desirability of the location, design and architecture.

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New Cross Central, Ancoats (Far East Consortium)

360° Tours

Lawton Green 360 Tour

Verified Views & AVRs

Also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs), and making up part of the wider Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), a verified view is a photomontage CGI crafted with a high level of precision, following specific methodology to ensure that every detail is accurate.

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Oxford Boswells LVIA
Oxford Boswells Project by REVERE. Client: Reef Estates

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