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Still Imagery

Cavendish Square, London (CGIs by Revere)

Our photo-real CGIs are the perfect showcase for new-build property. Each static or panoramic image is carefully curated by our design team. We go down to the smallest details to produce work that is fashion-conscious and tailored to the target demographic. Fully rendered from architectural plans, our award-winning visuals breathe life into design.

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Moving Stills

To take a static CGI to the next level, and really excite your customers, we will tastefully animate people, clouds and surroundings. Great for adding in a layer of immersion to websites, social media and email campaigns.

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The Forum Cybersecurity Hub, Gloucester (Reef Estates)

Animation & Film

Video content is a key way of engaging and communicating with your investors and peers during presentations and events, as well as with customers through your social media and development websites.

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3D Floor Plans

Band On The Wall, Northern Quarter

Dollhouse CGIs

The dollhouse CGI is a powerful tool.

When used correctly it can both communicate the functionality of a building to potential occupants, and also convey the desirability of the location, design and architecture.

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New Cross Central, Ancoats (Far East Consortium)

360° Tours

Lawton Green 360 Tour

Verified Views & AVRs

Also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs), and making up part of the wider Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), a verified view is a photomontage CGI crafted with a high level of precision, following specific methodology to ensure that every detail is accurate.

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Oxford Boswells LVIA
Oxford Boswells Project by REVERE. Client: Reef Estates

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