How I became a VR developer

by Ryan Parker

My name’s Ryan and I work at Revere in the Architectural Visualisation sector. In this post I’ll be going through how I got here and the difference it makes when you’re doing a job you really enjoy.

After finishing Uni I felt like most students; pretty lost. My degree was in Games Development and Design at MMU. The Gaming Industry jobs I was looking at all required in-field experience, which is the case for so many entry level jobs, they expect 2-3 years of experience which is some sort of paradox. While looking for a job I was working at a pawn shop, which did have its advantages, cheap tech and having the newest phone in your pocket isn’t to be sniffed at, but it didn’t feel nice knowing I had a degree under my belt that I wasn’t using it to follow my passion.

After a full year of applying for job after job, looking into employment agencies (which only seemed to offer me jobs in recruitment or sales jobs!), I found out that MMU had started their own agency called TALENTmatch, which as the name suggests, link up students and graduates with employers who’re looking for their specific skillset. After a month a job came up that had me written all over it, an Unreal Engine Generalist at Revere. I looked up Revere and loved what they did and even in the interview I knew this was the job for me.

Now 4 months down the line I’m still here and fully enjoy coming to work, previously I might have been inclined to throw the odd sicky, now it can be quite the opposite, sometimes I have to be peeled from the computer simply because I love what I do! My role is pretty varied, but my main job is as a Virtual Reality Developer. I develop 3D walkthrough tours for a variety of different types of off-plan properties for Oculus VR headsets.

So, what do I find so interesting? We have new and interesting projects coming in all the time. I love that each project, we’re challenged to think of creative ways to naturally progress a user through an experience, this is where my game design degree comes into play. I love adding realism to each scene whether it be the little things like reflections and lighting or filling out a scene with furniture and interactivity to bring it to life.

Additionally, through Revere, I get to test out all the newest hardware… most recently we got the Oculus Quest, a fully wireless stand-alone VR headset. I have really enjoyed learning the best ways to push it to its highest capabilities and I am currently working on a Student Accomodation project for Cole Waterhouse that will be shown to prospective students... I’m looking forward to seeing their reactions when the project is launched!

This job moves as fast as technology does, which keeps it interesting for me, I’ve recently started working on a multiplayer system so multiple people can join a walkthrough, this means an estate agent in London will soon be able to give a tour of a new-build property to an investor in Hong Kong!

If you are looking for a VR experience, feel free to contact me at

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