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The levels of photorealism achievable with a static CGI nowadays is stunning. Within many contexts, a still image is the way to go, for instance in brochures, press releases and print media. That said, sometimes there are opportunities to harness the power of animation, and to create something more engaging, unique and eye catching.

Moving stills sit somewhere between a cinemagraph and a full blown animation, and are a great way to add some dynamism to a property marketing website, as a looping background video for a website homepage, and potentially scattered throughout the site to showcase different areas of the development.

At Revere we have produced a number of moving stills for our property developer clients, including Reef Group, Far East Consortium and MBU Capital.

Often a moving still will be used to highlight the lifestyle of a development, showing people moving around, enjoying the space and it’s facilities. In the below example which we produced for Reef, we showed the bike friendly, and pedestrianised spaces, along with showing the liveliness of the scheme through lots of people, and through the animated messaging displayed on the building.

The Forum Cybersecurity Hub, Gloucester (Reef Estates)

Another hugely useful thing you can do with a moving still is demonstrate the design, layout and functionality of the scheme. The below example is part of the work we did for FEC for their New Cross Central development in Ancoats, Manchester. Hawkins Brown designed the scheme with lots of amenity space, including roof terraces and a shared courtyard. In order to be able to show the front facade, the apartment interiors and all of the amenity spaces in the building we created a looping moving still which showed the facade being stripped away sequentially, revealing the apartments behind.

New Cross Central, Ancoats by Revere for FEC

Moving stills start with a static CGI, so if we have already produced a still, some of the work has already been done. It can be a cost effective way to get some eye catching extra collateral to help get your developments the attention it deserves.

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