5 New Reasons to use VR


2019 is the year to adopt VR if you’re a property developer. Here are 5 new reasons why...

At Revere we’ve experienced an upsurge in the number of enquiries regarding VR tours of new developments. Given that we’ve been working on a new website, and our SEO has dropped off considerably, we started stroking our virtual beards to consider why it might be that we’re inundated with new requests from our clients to adopt VR for marketing.

1. VR is finally wireless!

That’s right, Oculus have released a brand new headset, the Oculus Quest, means no more wires and a much easier set up. Now a VR tour can be mailed in a box directly to occupiers and investors anywhere in the world!

2. A better user experience

VR is getting better – along with the improvements to the workflow and graphics, the sophistication of interactivity and user experience is getting better too. This is in part due to new plugins that we are learning to use, but also from the experience and knowledge we are building up at Revere to know what really works, what makes people tick, and ultimately reach for their wallets, within a VR home buying experience

3. Workflow improvements

Thanks to Datasmith - A big change in our workflow has occurred, which makes VR tours quicker and easier to produce if we have access to architects 3D files, or even better, if we have access to the 3D files used to create high quality CGIs. This means that if we have produced CGIs of a scheme, it is now a much smoother workflow, and has reduced the cost for us to create an immersive experience alongside the CGIs.

4. It’s getting cheaper

Because of the smoother workflow, and the increasingly affordable hardware, it makes ever increasing sense to include VR within the marketing strategy for most medium-large scale schemes.

5. Everyone is doing it

According to Statistics, VR hardware sales are forecast to rise 100% by 2021 from the 2018 figures. This will mean that more and more people will be familiar and comfortable with using VR in the marketing suite, and even from their own home!

These 5 recent changes that could explain the recent upsurge in demand for VR. If you’ve got any thoughts on the matter, please leave your comments.

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