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LOFT Film 2021

LOFT asked us to create a film to promote the comprehensive digitalisation of their business and the launch of their new website and message. The film we produce entitled 'People First Design' demonstrates LOFT's ability to interior design and supply fit-out for a entire buildings with a people-first approach.

Client: LOFT®

Type: Film / Animation

Project Duration: 6 Weeks

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1. Storyboarding

We first sketched out our ideas for each scene in the film to get a sense of what we're trying to create and the length required to convey the right message.

2. Modelling

We visited LOFT's showroom in Manchester to get an idea of their product line. Liasing with their head of interiors we created highly detailed models of some of their key pieces.

3. Camera Paths

We established the camera in our 3D scene and tested multiple paths around a building which we created, guiding the viewer from a single piece of furniture to a full view of a completed development.

4. Textures & Lighting

Now for the nitty-gritty, achieving realistic materials and natural lighting to enhance the products and blend seamlessly with the drone footage we selected for the exterior view.

LOFT X Revere Animation Storyboards
Initial Storyboard Ideas by REVERE
LOFT X Revere Animation Wireframe Render
Wireframe Render by REVERE
LOFT X Revere Animation Clay Render
Clay Render by REVERE

5. Animation

We spent a lot of energy creating a suite of movements for the furnishing of the apartment, ensuring the timings we perfectly guiding the viewer's attention along the journey.

6. Rendering & Post-production

Time to sit back and wait for the render to complete, it took days on high-powered cloud-rendering machines. As soon as the renders we could begin colour correction.

7. Editing, Motion Graphics & Sound

Now we jump into Adobe After Effects to add motion graphic titles and a seamless transition into an iPad view to show how LOFT present their designs to their clients. Last but certainly not least, sound - we spent a lot of time hand-selecting the right sounds to convey a sense of life inside the apartment and generally engage the viewers throughout — this cannot be overlooked, so make sure to listen when you watch below!

“LOFT and Revere have an excellent, long-term working relationship and because of this we decided to give Oli, Josh and their team real freedom with regards to the direction and look and feel of this animation project. The brief was “encapsulate LOFT’s commitment to digitalisation” we were extremely happy with the results. Revere come highly recommended for any AR, VR or CGI requirements.”

— Benjamin Hall

Founder and Managing Director

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